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August 14, 1968
London, England


Good Morning, Killer (TV) (2012)
The Good Witch's Family (TV) (2011)
Last Man Standing (TV) (2011)
Army Wives (TV) (2007-2011)
The Good Witch's Gift (TV) (2010)
The Good Witch's Garden (TV) (2009)
The Good Witch (TV) (2008)
Evan Almighty (2007)
Still Small Voices (TV) (2006)
Company Town (TV) (2006)
The Triangle (TV) (2005)
Babak & Friends: A First Norooz (2005)
Bruce Almightly (2003)
The Time Shifters (TV) (1999)
Cab To Canada (TV) (1998)
JAG (TV) (1995)
Black Thunder (1997)
Crash (V) (1996)
Hotline Volume 3 (V) (1996)
Alien Nation: Body and Soul (TV) (1995)
Men of War (1994)
Mother of the Bride (TV) (1993)
An Officer and a Gentlemen (1982)

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