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October 25, 1945
Houston, Texas, USA


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV) (2012)
1 a Minute (2010)
Law & Order: SVU (TV) (2010)
Ordinary Miracles (TV) (2005)
Hope & Faith (TV) (2004)
The District (TV) (2002-2004)
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
Becker (TV) (2000-2001)
Navigating the Heart (TV) (2000)
Three Secrets (TV) (1999)
Free Fall (1999)
Before He Wakes (TV) (1998)
Married to a Stranger (TV) (1997)
My Very Best Friend (TV) (1996)
Family Album (TV) (1996)
Cries Unheard (TV) (1994)
Love Can Be Murder (TV) (1992)
Nightmare in the Daylight (TV) (1992)
In the Arms of a Killer (TV) (1992)
The Rape of Doctor Willis (TV) (1991)
Lies Before Kisses (TV) (1991)
Kaliedoscope (TV) (1990)
Settle the Score (TV) (1989)
Windmills of the Gods (TV) (1988)
Rage of Angels (TV) (1986)
Deja Vu (TV) (1985)
Florence Nightingale (TV) (1985)
Sentimental Journey (TV) (1984)
Rage of Angels (TV) (1983)
Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy (TV) (1981)
Charlie's Angels (TV) (1981)
Nightkill (1980)
The Users (TV) (1978)
The Rookies (TV) (1975)
Sin, America Style (TV) (1974)
Bootleggers (1974)
The Adventurers (1970)

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