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May 17, 1988
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Kill for Me (2012)
Revolution (TV) (2012)
Rags (TV) (2012)
Being Human (TV) (2012)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
Mortal Kombat: Legacy (TV) (2011)
Soldiers of the Apocalypse (TV) (2011)
Tower Prep (TV) (2010)
Hellcats (TV) (2010)
Psych (TV) (2010)
The Boy She Met Online (2010)
Goblin (TV) (2010)
Web of Desire (TV) (2009)
Majority Rules! (TV) (2009)
The L Word (TV) (2009)
The Secret Lives of Second Wives (TV) (2008)
Every Second Counts (TV) (2008)
Aliens in America (TV) (2007)
Bionic Woman (TV) (2007)
Supernatural (TV) (2007)

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