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Origin Talent (Theatrical and Commercial): 818-487-1800
Click Models of Los Angeles (Print): 310-246-0800
Body Parts Models of Los Angeles: 310-273-587

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P. Michael Perez

Mini Bio:

I was born in England May 18th 1983 in a town called Blackpool. Fitness became a passion of mine at the early age of 16. I started learning the science of training & nutrition and what works through studying many elite courses, hard training, dedication, consistency and to have the determination to have the success in everything I achieve. As I matured my body & mind grew with confidence. I competed in my first fitness competition in Spain at the age of 18 which I placed 1st. Through winning this competition it gave me a hunger for success and it opened doors. I carried on to pursue my dream and win more competitions.

Each year I become more knowledgeable and in better condition than the last. I have just become the winner of Model America 2005/2006, which was held in Hollywood, California, and the winner of Model Atlantic 2006/2007 which was held in New York. I have been featured in various fitness and fashion magazines, radio, commercials, television, calendars, and workout videos in America, Europe and Australia. I have the honour to be sponsored by LA MUSCLE & NAB, which have been a great help for me in my career.Fitness and modelling is my life and always will be. I love to shine in front of the camera and be the main attraction. I am a certified professional trainer in the field of corrective exercise and high performance exercises. I do nutritional counselling. I am qualified in the field of rehabilitation, muscle imbalances and spinal injuries, from sedentary people to athletes. I take pride in my work for all my clients like I do with my own physique. I give 110% in everything I do and I love to inspire people who have dreams to be successful.


Modeling Profile/Measurements:

Born - 18/05/1983
Height - 6'0"
Weight - 180-185 lbs.
Body fat% - 8-10% year-around.
Jacket - 38/40
Chest - 42"
Waist - 32"
Inseam - 33"
Shoe - 9.5 US
Eyes - Blue/Green
Hair - Blonde

Modeling Credits:

  • Winner of Model America November 2005, Hollywood, California.
  • Winner of The Fitness Atlantic Show, held on New York, 6th of May 2006.
  • Junior Bodybuilding Champion of Spain 2002.
  • IFBB 6th in the Junior World Bodybuilding Championships 2002.
  • Various magazines as a model in USA, Spain, Australia and England
  • Fashion: DNA Magazine, Blue Magazine, re-FRESH
  • Catalogue: Greg Parry Underwear, Lovers Lane Lingerie, Bond Street Line Catalogue
  • Fitness Magazines: Exercise for Men Only, Men's Workout, Exercise and Health, Muscle and Fitness, Muscular Development
  • Commercials (Hollywood), Swiss Navy
    Runway Modeling, Catwalk Shows (Hollywood, England, Spain)
  • TV and Radio (Hollywood, Spain and England for Channel 4 & BBC)
  • Fitness Model of Paul Chek
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