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Booking/Contact Information:

Represented by ORIGIN TALENT
Agent: Marc Chancer - 818-487-1800
Los Angeles, California


Francesco Cura' – also known as Francis J. Cura' – was born and raised in New York. Growing up in a very creative environment, he learned about the arts from a very early stage in his life. Having lived his childhood between Europe and all across America, Francesco absorbed both cultures within himself.

Francesco attended Art Institute P. Toschi (Europe) where he graduated and went on to become a model. Francesco has worked in both Milan and New York. He lived in New York for five years. During that time, Francesco attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute where he learned the Method of Acting. In 2003. Francesco Cura' moved to Los Angeles where he works as a professional actor and model.

Modeling Credits:

Stitch Jeans
Meltin' Pot
D & G
Roberto Cavalli


The Swamp (TV) (2012)
Criminal Minds (TV) (2008)
The Deep and Dreamless Sleep (2004)
Scubs (TV) (2003)
Again (2003)
Sing (2003)
Wit (SF) (2002)
The Portrait (2002)
Honeysuckle Rose (2001)
Hannah Can't Swim (2001)
Revelations (2000)

Commercial Credits:

MTV - "Easily Said and Done"


Hair - Brown
Eyes - Blue
Waist - 33"
Chest - 42"
Hips - 43"
Neck - 16"

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